Richard Mann & Associates
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We believe that planning is important, but we are also mindful of Winston Churchill, who said, “It is always wise to look ahead but difficult to look further than you can see.” We work with our clients and develop realistic project plans. This process typically includes: assessing, budgeting, scheduling, and reassessing. We also pay particular attention to “organizational readiness” by ensuring that management and staff are “on the same page”.

Instructional Design

We use research-based instructional design principles and techniques that focus on processes and learner skills. Our technical documentation and training solutions are performance-based. They directly relate to the learner’s work context, whether it is a complex surgical procedure or a simple desk-top computer-key-stroke.

Graphic Design

Integral to our technical communication and training approach is our recognition of the key role that graphic design plays. Graphic design is a true “verbal-visual” expression. And we believe that very good graphic design makes documents and instructions accessible for readers and learners on several levels. This strategy enhances the measurable performance results that our clients want to see.