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Richard Mann & Associates provides planning, writing, training, and marketing services for medical device, health care, and industrial organizations. They are accomplished education, training, technical writing, and clinical professionals who have worked with medical and non-medical technology companies, consulting firms, and academic institutions.


01.20.2007. - The Center for Preventive Medicine is a organization dedicated to promoting preventive health care in America. In "Preventive Medicine: A 'Cure' for the Healthcare Crisis", they report that the U.S. spends some $2.2 trillion on health care annually, but only about 4% of that is devoted to prevention. To learn more, go to:

01.20.2007. - Health Literacy is defined as the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions (HHS, 2000).

Experts have estimated that the poorer health status and higher use of health care services by persons with limited health literacy may result in as much as $50 billion to $73 billion per year in excess costs to the US health care system (National Academy on an Aging Society, 1998).

The "&"

Scribes and calligraphers developed the ligature of “et,” which is the Latin word for “and, ”into today’s ampersand “&.”This compelling design has been incorporated into the fonts of English and other Roman-alphabet languages.